Saturday, October 1, 2011


Prayer formalises devotion and awareness of life beyond the perceived nature of reality.
The opening prayer 
Om Namo Bagavate 
is practiced at the Miyoga Club as a means to connect with your high Self and to allow that aspect of Self to guide you through the class. 
With practice and as this connection is strengthened you will find that throughout your day this aspect of Self is available to guide your thoughts, words and actions.
Vibration and language is a science in the Sanskrit tradition, which aims to connect the individual with the divine through sound. 
The ultimate aim of yogic practice is to be able to focus the mind on one point, fixing your awareness, heart and soul on that which is beneficial for you on all levels and for those around you. 
Mantra and Prayer assist in training the mind toward this focus.
There are no boundaries to the practice of prayer, it can be done in the car, at the dinner table, in the morning as you wake up, at night before you enter into sleep, before you cut a flower, as you pour water, or prepare meals, before a trip or an important event in your life or the life or another.
Over the years Mimi has introduced many prayers to the Miyoga Club and community. 
These prayers are ripe to be shared and will become available each month on the Miyoga Website. 
The first prayer featured at the website is the Prayer to Lady Quan Yin, the deity of Compassion.  
We hope you enjoy this new aspect of the website and look forward to bringing many more prayers into your practice and your life.

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