Friday, October 7, 2011

Distance Healing

For many years distance healing has been an important practice at the Miyoga Club. You will be familiar with the Distance Healing Book if you have been to the Miyoga Club, where you can write the names of people who you feel need some positive energy, support or prayer sent in their direction. We have decided to extent this pratice by placing the names into a bowl which will be placed on an altar at the front of the class room. After each class, during the metta practice we will collectively send positive prayer to these names. Each new moon the names from the previous month will be ritually burned and the names of the following month will be written and placed in the bowl. We will remind you when the cycle will change and this will also assist in connecting with the moon cycle. We have had such a great deal of success with distance healing and this is a very exciting new chapter for the practice.

If you would like to have a name written in the book and placed in the bowl please email


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