Saturday, April 17, 2010

Healing Book

Students will have noticed that there is now a new healing book. To aid distance healing we will be publishing the names from the healing book on the website. We understand that for privacy reasons you may not want the name you place in the healing book to be published. If you would not like the name to be on the miyoga website ( please place a star * next to the name.

Mimi recently said "Its all Here"...

I found this lovely tale and would like to share it from The Quantum and the Lotus (Matthieu Richards and Trihn Xuan Thuan)

... (a) man asked the Buddha some questions about cosmology. In reply, he picked up a handful of leaves and asked "Are there more leaves in my hand or in the forest?" "There are more in the forest, of course," replied the man. The Buddha went on, "Well, the leaves in my hand represent the knowledge that leads to the end of suffering."


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